LED strip light flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs)80CRI, PCB material: double layer copper water proof IP65


  Code Wattage CCT LM View Angel CRI Size/Roll (mm)
  DXN-14.4-33 14.4 3300K 1380 120 .70Ra / >80Ra 5000x10x2.5
  DXN-14.4-4 14.4 4000K 1380 120 .70Ra / >80Ra 5000x10x2.5
  DXN-14.4-65 14.4 6500K 1380 120 .70Ra / >80Ra 5000x10x2.5
  LED Driver Meanwell, Tridonic , Osram      
  Amient Temp Up to 50 Degree            
  Life Time 50,000 hours          


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